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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

CNML Highlights for 2010

Since we are nearing the end of 2010, I thought I would post some of CNML's accomplishments for the year. Thank you to all those who donated their time and money to help move CNML forward!

Catholic Nursing Mother League's 2010 Highlights:

January 12, 2010 Articles of Incorporation signed

January 14, 2010 - CNML received EIN number

January 19, 2010 - Catholic Nursing Mothers League incorporated in the state of New Mexico

April 7, 2010 - bylaws adopted

June 30, 2010 - 501 (c)(3) status granted

September 27, 2010- first CNML leader application packets emailed out

Sunday, December 19, 2010

United States Breastfeeding Committee petition

Please sign the United States Breastfeeding Committee's "Breastfeeding: A Vision for the Future" petition at:

Monday, September 27, 2010

We are now accepting applications!

We are very excited to announce that we are opening up the application process to those who are interested in starting a CNML group in their church and/or town! The CNML staff is excited about getting to know all of you who share our passion for breastfeeding, ecological breastfeeding and our Catholic faith!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Extended Breastfeeding

As I was nursing my youngest son today, I realized how powerful breastfeeding is for calming down distraught toddlers. Even though in my heart, I know breastfeeding is still beneficial to my toddler. It is sometimes difficult to be different in a society where many toddlers are already weaned. If we look to Scripture, however, we see that many children were breastfed to 3 years of age. Also, many reputable health organizations and even the Church supports those mothers and babies who desire to continue breastfeeding beyond a year.

The Catholic Nursing Mothers League will host a series of 4 rotating topic meetings in parishes and towns around the country (and possibly the world). The first will focus on exclusive breastfeeding for around the first 6 months (situations may vary depending on babies) and extended breastfeeding. I hope mothers will find support and encouragement for nursing their toddlers at CNML meetings!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Breastfeeding as a pro-life activity

Today I was thinking about what drew me to the Catholic Nursing Mothers League. In the book "Breastfeeding and Catholic Motherhood," Sheila Kippley talks about breastfeeding being a pro-life activity. I hadn't thought of it in exactly that way. I found it exciting and inspiring that by helping moms breastfeed their babies, I am indeed part of the pro-life movement! In my college days and when I had one or two small children, I volunteered with various pro-life organizations. However, now that my family is a little larger, I am not involved in those ministries anymore. However, now I know that my work with the Catholic Nursing Mothers League and as a volunteer IBCLC, I am helping moms love their little blessings. Breastfeeding is such a wonderful gift to babies and to mothers! It is part of God's beautiful design for the family. How about you? Do you feel called to the pro-life apostolate of the Catholic Nursing Mothers League?

Sunday, August 1, 2010



Around the world, people are reflecting on and celebrating the beauty of breastfeeding. Breastmilk is called "liquid gold" by many and the nursing relationship is so special for mom and baby. Many nursing women need support, because breastfeeding is not the norm in every community. The Catholic Nursing Mothers League was founded by Pamela Pilch for this reason. What a great combination - breastfeeding support and inspiration for living out one's Catholic faith!

Monday, July 12, 2010

new and improved CNML website

We have some exciting news! The Catholic Nursing Mothers League's new and improved website is now online! Visit it today at:

We hope you will enjoy the new look of the site and the added features. Our web designer, Becky, did a great job on it!

Stay tuned for the next CNML developments coming your way!

Friday, July 9, 2010

We are now tax exempt!

The Catholic Nursing Mothers League is now exempt from Federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code! Thank you to all those who helped us financially and through prayer since CNML began. The letter came at a good time - just as I was feeling a little bit discouraged and overwhelmed by the task of leading a non-profit organization. God often seems to work like that, doesn't He?. Just when you are feeling down, you receive a phone call from a friend or you receive something unexpected in the mail. Because CNML has received support in so many ways, I really think this organization was meant to continue! As more things develop, I will keep you posted. Please keep visiting the CNML blog!

Gina Peterson, Executive Director of the Catholic Nursing Mothers League

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Welcome Everyone!

Hello fellow fans of the Catholic Nursing Mothers League! Since people seem to be visiting this blog already, I figure I should post something.

The Catholic Nursing Mothers League was founded in 2006 by Pam Pilch to help support and encourage Catholic women who breastfeed and who want to breastfeed their children. We at CNML especially want to promote the ecological breastfeeding lifestyle, because it is so good for moms and babies. This organization has been Pam's and my dream for the last 4 years ever since we read the book "Breastfeeding and Catholic Motherhood." At that point I was an LLL Leader but was considering becoming an IBCLC. Then I read about Sheila's idea to start a support group for Catholic nursing mothers and to possibly have a volunteer lactation consultant lead it. II contacted Sheila Kippley and she got me in touch with Pam. The rest is history!
My name is Gina, and I took over as the executive director of CNML in the summer of 2009. To tell you a bit about myself...I am a Catholic wife (of 14 years) and homeschooling mother of 4 sons.

We are so excited to be able to get CNML moving! Our business/legal paperwork has been filed! Our website is almost ready to go - we just need to tweak it a bit more. I am currently working on getting the application paperwork written up and approved by our advisory team and then we will be accepting applications for CNML groups! If you are excited and want to get started, start reading "Breastfeeding and Natural Child Spacing" and "Breastfeeding and Catholic Motherhood" both by Sheila Kippley.