Maria Lactans

Maria Lactans
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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!

As a tribute to my own mother, here is a limerick poem I wrote about her when I was a young girl:


My mom has enjoyed her mums
Because hundreds are there sums

She watches them day and night
Under the sun, not under a light

Now my mom has green thumbs

The innocence and beauty of children!  Jesus especially loved little children.  When His disciples regarded them as nuisances, He encouraged the children to come closer and sit with Him.  Sometimes our society thinks of children like Jesus' disciples did.  Sometimes our society thinks of breastfeeding as other than beautiful and nourishing to a child's body and soul, especially babies over the age of one.  I hope we can change these perceptions.  

Children are like chrysanthemums.  They start out as tiny seeds that need to be delicately handled and watered (nursed).  Even after they begin blooming (become toddlers), they still need warmth from the sun (their mother) and nourishment (breastfeeding).  If we follow God's plan for gardening (raising children), they will grow into vibrant, fragrant flowers.