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Maria Lactans
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Sunday, April 27, 2014

What is the Catholic Nursing Mothers League?

The mission of the Catholic Nursing Mothers League is to encourage mothers in breastfeeding and in natural mothering within the Catholic faith.  We are 100% faithful to the teachings of the Catholic Church, particularly with regards to sanctity of life and sanctity of marriage.

Our ministry provides a website, this blog, a Yahoo group, a Facebook group, a Facebook page, complimentary copies of Sheila Kippley's three breastfeeding books and Our Lady of La Leche medals and holy cards, and one decade rosaries (email, and an online Resource Guide for Starting a Catholic Mothers Group to help you start such a group in your parish. There is also a book geared towards Catholic breastfeeding mothers that is in the final stages of the editing process.  I will make an announcement once it appears on  Also, more CNML info sheets will be added soon to the website covering basic breastfeeding concerns so please check back.

If there are other ways the Catholic Nursing Mothers League can inspire, inform, or encourage you, please let us know!