Maria Lactans

Maria Lactans
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Friday, October 3, 2014

Breastfeeding is like Heaven

A friend on one of the CNML groups posted that her son asked if he will get to nurse in heaven.  Then another friend mentioned that for a child, breastfeeding might be the closest feeling to heaven he has while on earth.   This is so true!  What is heaven?  It is often described as "being in the presence of God." So if a child feels safe, feels loved and valued unconditionally, feels joy and happiness while nursing - this is heaven to him.  Even Scripture compares God's love of His people to a mother compassionately nursing and caring for her children.

This brings back memories of my children as babies.  When I had a newborn he would often nurse, fall off the breast with milk dripping down his chin and a smile on his face, and appear to be in a very deep sleep.  He had his "nursies" and his Mommy holding him.  It was heaven for him.  Even if chores or other responsibilities called to me, I couldn't help just basking in the sweetness of my baby.  I didn't want to put him down just yet. It was heaven for me, too.

Fast forward to my toddler daughter.  She still doesn't talk much yet, but one of the few signs she knows is the one for "milk" - my milk.  When she wants "nursies" or is in the room when I am getting dressed in the morning, there is such excitement on her face!  There are times when nursing a toddler AGAIN is inconvenient or even annoying, but the joy I give my daughter when I breastfeed her makes up for all of that.  Her toddler frustrations melt away.  Her "boo-boos" are magically healed.  She is ready to face the world again.  Breastfeeding is heaven for her.  I want her to know the love of Jesus and to feel joy, and I know that breastfeeding is one way to show her those.  Therefore I desire to keep nursing her when she asks because I have the privilege of sharing a little bit of heaven with her through breastfeeding.