Maria Lactans

Maria Lactans
Maria Lactans (wikimedia commons)

Saturday, April 30, 2016

CNML at the 2016 Breastfeeding Taskforce Conference in Albuquerque, NM

This year the CNML table was well visited at the annual Breastfeeding Taskforce Conference on March 4.  I was in a higher traffic area right outside the doors of the room where the talks were presented.  

Three copies of The Seven Standards of Ecological Breastfeeding: The Frequency Factor, 2 copies of Getting Started with Breastfeeding: For Catholic Mothers, 2 copies of Breastfeeding and Catholic Motherhood, and 1 copy of Breastfeeding and Natural Child Spacing were taken in exchange for donations.  Speaking of donations, CNML was gifted $80!  Thirteen one decade rosaries, several medals, and several holy cards, business cards, brochures were taken.  

Next year I plan to bring NFP brochures because 3 different women asked about natural family planning.  

One woman who is an LLL leader and an RN from Texas always visits the CNML table every year.  This time she gave me a one decade rosary her brother made me with one of the Our Lady of La Leche medals I give out.  I thought that was so sweet and thoughtful of her!  She also promoted my table the whole day by giving other conference attendees medals and holy cards from my table and bringing them over to meet me!