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Maria Lactans
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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Chronicles of a Catholic Nursing Mother - Week 13

My youngest son is very close to completely weaning. I think I am more ready for this change than not ready. He only nurses once every other day for just a few seconds now. However, it is not comfortable, partly because of being pregnant and partially because he has forgotten how to nurse nicely. It always amazes me and surprises me when I hear of a nursing toddler that weans and then asks to nurse a few weeks later. Oftentimes, he has already forgotten how to nurse even though he nursed for two or three years.

I had quite a bit of anxiety this past weekend about miscarrying. I overdid things and must have pulled some muscles. Every twinge and every little bit of pressure left me convinced that I was miscarrying. As the days go on, I am feeling better and less anxious about this possibility. I also realized that I left God out of the equation. I was so wanting control that I forgot that God is in control. And even more importantly, God only wants the best for me and the baby. Plus, I realized through this all, that I am actually very attached to this new baby.

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