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Maria Lactans
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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Today's Scripture readings

Two of today's Scripture readings mention breastfeeding!

from Psalm 131:
"But I have calmed and quieted my soul, like a child quieted at its mother's breast; like a child that is quieted is my soul."

Notice how the verse from Psalms talks about how breastfeeding quiets a child. Isn't that so true! When babies are hungry, sleepy, need to suckle or just need MOM, nursing often does the trick. I read in the newest issue of "New Beginnings" magazine put out by La Leche League that there are three things a baby needs: nourishment, warmth and security. Breastfeeding fulfills all three of these needs. Even older babies and toddlers need these things. How wonderful that a mother can breastfeed her child when he is feeling insecure among strangers or is having a meltdown!

from 1 Thes 2:
"We were gentle among you, as a nursing mother cares for her children."

During breastfeeding, hormones are released in the mother's body that help her to relax and sometimes even want to fall asleep! I believe that breastfeeding helps mothers be more gentle with their child. How easy it is for parents to get frustrated - I know I have felt that way many times over the years. However, sitting down to nurse a baby or a toddler seems to make life feel just a little bit better. I can often handle the next crisis in a more gentle manner and behave more similarly to how St. Paul treated his fellow Christians.


  1. I was discussing these reading with another mammal mama after mass today. I mentioned that the psalm always reminds of the peace that child led weaning evokes. When a child is actively weaned before they're ready, there is often angst on the part of the mother and the child; a tug of war, a lack of peace.

    Thessalonians builds on this image, giving not just nourishment to the child, but delighting in the relationship, not wanting it to be burdensome, laying down their lives for those they cherished. The imagery of God's love analogous to the nursing relationship is exceptionally beautiful, and reveals much about the fullness of motherhood.

  2. Milk is just milk. Dr Sears is an hypocrit. Mr Machissimo. His theories are not scientific. Attachment theories do not suggest that babies should co-sleep with their parents and be held CONSTANTLY. It is unsane to stick a boob in a baby's mouth as a unique response to his varied demands. It can lead to problematic eating disorders and overweight later on. Milk cannot protect against diseases. The only slight benefit of BM is a slight protection against gastro-enteritis. So do formula with bifidus...When a human mother breastfeeds a baby, her antibodies DO NOT PASS through her blood, unlike other mammals. Breastfeeding a toddler can make him/her very dependant, and in no way can BFeeding grant babies with higher IQs... Breastfeeding is not A POWER. Breastfeeding hurts, breastfeeding can induce depressions. God if it exists, do not care if you breasfeed or not. La LL is a lobby, la LL lies to mothers. La LL has an agenda. Life is not always "a gift". Nature kills, nature is cruel. If you want to life according to nature, then do not accept medicine, do not accept vaccines, do not accept formula if you have serious problems with breastfeeding. You cannot praise mother nature and not accepting her cruelty and her blindeness totally...A baby deserves parents, and sometimes it is beter to abort. Nature "aborts" babies every day...