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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Starting a Nursing Mothers Ministry

The Catholic Nursing Mothers League recently posted a document called "Resource Guide for Starting a Nursing Mothers Ministry" at its website   It is a 30 page PDF file with ideas for leading nursing mothers meetings, book discussions and even an ecological breastfeeding class.

Who can download the guide?
Anyone is welcome to register at the website and download the resource guide.  All I ask is that you copy it in its entirety with the copyright logo, date and Catholic Nursing Mothers League name at the bottom of each page.

Do I need to implement the ideas in the guide as is or can I pick and choose what I like?
You can use all of the information in the guide or choose some and add your own ideas.  I wrote the guide especially for those who want a plan to follow.  The book discussion questions can be printed out and given to those women who join your discussion sessions.  If women/couples want a copy of the ecological breastfeeding class curriculum, you are very welcome to print and distribute it.

Will my nursing mothers ministry become part of or be under the umbrella of CNML?
Your nursing mothers ministry will be its own unique ministry.  CNML simply provides online encouragement to nursing mothers and guidance to those who want to start ministries in their own parishes.  CNML wants to assist you in any way we can through website links, online fellowship, downloadable materials, and even prayer items for yourself or for the mothers in your ministry.

If I am an IBCLC or breastfeeding counselor, can I provide breastfeeding management assistance at my nursing mother meetings?
The resource guide was designed to help you encourage nursing mothers only, not to provide breastfeeding management advice.  However, if you have a breastfeeding certification and would like to provide more extensive help to moms at your meetings, please follow the scope of practice from your particular organization and look to them about insurance issues.

Can I mention CNML at my meetings or tell others from where I received the resource guide?
Of course!  Please promote us as much as you can!

If you have any other questions about the resource guide or about starting a nursing mothers ministry in your parish, please email me at

Executive Director of the Catholic Nursing Mothers League



  1. Hi there,just wanted to say what an encouraging resource the Catholic Nursing Mothers League has been for me. I hope you don't mind but I posted a link to yourselves over at my blog as I found this resource so helpful.

  2. Thank you! Sorry for such a delayed response - I didn't notice your comment until today. I am glad you find CNML encouraging.