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Maria Lactans
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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Breastfeeding during the flu

My family is finally getting over the flu after two weeks.  One by one, everyone got hit.  My husband and I were the sickest.  I can't remember the last time I was this sick, and I used to get strep yearly.  Also, I always have morning sickness during pregnancy.  The baby seems to have gotten the lightest case (thank you, breastfeeding!); her fever is gone and I haven't heard her cough yet.  At one point before she came down with it but after I was already sick, I was sure that she must be stealing all of my own body's immunities (of course, that wasn't really true)!

Over all the years that I have been breastfeeding children, I would say that nursing really is the easiest way to feed a hungry baby, put a baby or toddler to sleep, and calm down a distraught toddler.  However, when I am sick and the baby is sick, breastfeeding becomes much more of a sacrifice.  Co-sleeping is usually so easy and it is still easier than not, but it sure is difficult to get back your strength when the baby wakes every hour.  There was this great balancing act going on between me - drinking copious amounts of water to not get dehydrated more - and my daughter nursing constantly and hopefully getting a good milk supply.  However, how can I deny her my breast when it fills her tummy and is so comforting to her?

Thank goodness life is STARTING to feel more normal again.  I look forward to returning to my usual home routine and even to shuttling kids around to extra-curricular activities!  Life seems so much sweeter after the crises are over.

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