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Maria Lactans
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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Breastfeeding while Homeschooling

There are a number of breastfeeding mothers who are also homeschooling their children.  I thought a post on this topic would be helpful for those feeling overwhelmed.  Here are some words of wisdom from Catholic homeschoolers:

1) Consider carrying baby in a sling or baby carrier while he is sleeping or nursing to free up your hands to help the older children with their learning activities.

2) Keep a pillow on the couch with you so you can be more comfortably nursing a baby or toddler while reading to your older children or so you can prop up the baby while you help older kids with their activities.

3) Your baby will be small for such a short time in the whole scheme of things so a lot of learning will be centered on caring for your new little one in the beginning.  As the baby gets older, you will become more adept at nursing him at the kitchen table or while sitting on the floor amidst the older kids and a bunch of books  :) Also, consider alternative places for learning like your bed!

4) Consider having the older kids help you with the baby when you are assisting another child with homeschool activities.  Also, DVDs, Netflix, computers, audiobooks,art supplies, etc. are all great ways for the older kids to learn when you are actively taking care of the baby or nursing him.

5) Be gentle on yourself if you and your children do not get everything done in a day that you had planned.  A lot of moms who have just had a baby take a few months or more off of more structured learning activities to recover, rest and enjoy their new babies.  Your older children are still learning some of the most important lessons of life - how to take care of and love a baby and how to take care of you!

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