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Friday, July 31, 2015

First CNML Principle

First CNML Principle:
God the Creator has a plan for all men, women and children and this plan applies to every area of our lives. The Catholic Church's authoritative teaching helps us to know this plan.  God's plan includes conception, childbirth and the nurturing of babies. 

As Catholics, we believe that God has a very special plan for each of us.  Just as our fingerprints are unique, so is God's plan for our lives.  His plan impacts what vocation and career we will have, who are friends and spouse will be, what talents we possess, and even the smaller everyday details that make up our days.

How can we learn God's plan for us? The best way is by staying close to God through prayer, and Scripture and spiritual reading; participating in the Mass and sacraments frequently; and consulting our spouse, good friends, family members, and our spiritual director if we have one.

As nursing mothers, we are following God's natural design by conceiving, birthing and nurturing our babies through breastfeeding.  Just a few days after your baby is born, your milk supply will arrive even if you are not nursing your baby (of course, to continue that supply and to ensure it is ample, frequent nursing needs to occur).  This is a sign that God planned it this way.  I hope you will agree with me that it is a privilege to conceive, birth and nurse a baby.  It can be difficult in today's society to see it this way.  That is one reason the Catholic Nursing Mothers League was founded - to provide a loving environment for women who are trying to follow God's natural design of having children and nursing them.

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  1. The CNML Principles are wonderful!
    Our Lady must be very pleased with this work +