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Monday, July 20, 2015

Series on CNML Principles

I am starting a new series of blog posts on the CNML principles. I hope you will return weekly to the CNML blog for a discussion of each one. Maybe you are new to the CNML principles or maybe you read them years ago when you first found CNML. Either way, please feel free to leave a comment if a particular principle is especially dear to you or even if you do not agree with one! I look forward to the discussion!

What exactly is a principle? After doing a quick Internet search, I discovered the following explanation from

"A principle is a kind of rule, belief, or idea that guides you.In general, a principle is some kind of basic truth that helps you with your life."

The CNML principles guide nursing mothers in their important vocation of motherhood. The majority of them remind us of the spiritual, emotional and physical benefits of breastfeeding to mom and baby. However, not all CNML principles focus exclusively on breastfeeding. One emphasizes the unique role of the father in the family. Another mentions the importance of the mother's presence during those first few tender years of a child's life. Still another states the truth that the Catholic Church teaches: God has a plan for all of us.

The CNML principles are attainable ideals. This means that they can be successfully followed in many families. However, no mother is perfect nor part of a perfect home life situation, so she may not live out every principle as well as she hopes. However, that doesn't mean we should abandon them completely - just do our best to gleam wisdom from them and practice them with God's help.

We all need guides! Hopefully the Catholic Nursing Mothers League ministry and principles will help you feel encouraged and supported while you are in this special time of motherhood.

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